Precipice of Faith

As I stand at the precipice of Faith,
Knowing off the edge God’s Hand will await,
Not fully awake, I remain in mistake.
I can’t decide which is more fearful
jumping or standing in place.
Expecting full well,
If I stand;
Then, I’m sinking to hell.
Still, there’s a bind on my mind,
that’s keeping me behind the line,
keeping me from the drinking well.
And scared to be, for what will be one day,
Scared to move, for I do not know the way,
I’m left here, and all I can do is pray
For the momentum to propel my release.

God’s Grace is Sufficient

We have lifelong sustainment
and plenty of rations
for temporary engagements,
and all of the interest payments
on all of the talents we cash in
are nothing but paper inflation
compared to the value of Grace.

Leaf Frog

The leaf frog
Leaps off the tree.
It echoes the leaves.
Joining the fallen,
It’s the sole living
Among the deceased.
Is the leaf frog
The Green Lighthouse of Hope
For Leaves?


-Kurtis Lunz


The pain burned strong,
All day and night long,
Ringing loud like a gong
Throughout daily song;
Then one night,
As mysterious as it came
The pain faded.
We wake up to find
We are alleviated.


-Kurtis Lunz


What the future will hold.
I hold my breath
For this sneeze,
Waiting for the release,
Praying that
The Lord’s Blessings
Will set me free.

Night Train

The mythical vessel,
The dream,
Percolates from serene
To obscene,
Flinging the mind’s Window open
As a way of coping.
The RUSH of Fresh air
Sparks a breathe of reality
The dreamer
back down
To embark the next ride.

One Lick

Flames on the chicken wings,
Grease on the guitar strings,
Marinated steel,
Squealin’ like a pig.
Old Rig,
No pick-ups,
Raw Acoustic,
One Lick.


Kurtis Lunz

Couch Potato

I could fall asleep,
Or I could just watch T.V.
Which one will it be?

-Kurtis Lunz


Growing vegetal,
Then, Blooming with color
Like a flowering plant,
We absorb
And reflect the sun’s rays
In the most glorious ways.

Kurtis Lunz


Aroma Therapy

The sweet scent
Of Waffle Crisp cereal
Fills the air.
It only helps to balance
The bitter irksome
As my minds wheels
Turn some
In their constant
wondering and wandering.
Aroma therapy
Serving as bass line
on this beat.