What’s the point of that fence?

I was thinking about fence (the word fence). That thought process progressed into chain link fence. Then, I imagined that British lady from the TV show “The Weakest Link” saying “You ARE!!! the Weakest Link. Good bye.” Then, I thought “white picket fence”. I imagined a fence just along the front of the yard with the other sides unbound. What would be the point of that, I thought. I could just walk around. It’s not even aesthetically pleasing because I would spend too much time wondering where the rest of the sides are. I thought the only purpose of a...

Flow is Harmony

Abandon understanding.
Or abandon the standing,
For an Active Understanding.
The Act of Understanding
Is fusing Thought-with-Action,
Releasing your knowledge into your muscular faction,
Transcending into the molecular satisfaction,
The sweet sensational flow,
The copacetic reaction,
That is only achieved
Through Harmonics of Thought and Action.

-By Kurtis Lunz