Take A Moment

Wheels spinning and churning,
Smoke beginning;
‘Turns to burning.
It’s the Yearning,
Always the next second,
The thought dominoes
Are falling too fast
For their cause.
Growing further away
As we think about it all;
They circle their path,
Come across a missing tile,
And grant Pause.


-Kurtis Lunz

Lying in Wait

A fifth of Bacardi,
16 bags of tea,
My nerves are remixing their rhythm.

I feel that my heart
Has been skipping a beat,
But I’ve pawned my conventional wisdom.

10 boxes of Trix,
Every other one free;
The vitamins, minerals, total 13.

‘Got a similar deal
On the cans of sardines
‘Cause I still gotta get some protein.

Waves of the future
Forming behind me;
Broken past washing up on beachhead.

Will it get better,
Or will it get worse,
Debt gentrification still building to cred.


Kurtis Lunz

Define Poetry – #1

Dilemma (n):

A moral
dipole antenna
Catching signals
From two different
Each one being cogent,
The mind becomes tangled,
Listening back and forth,
Hoping and praying
The truth will soon
Louder resound.


Kurtis Lunz

Should Your Melody Linger

Oh, Melody!
The remedy supreme,
But I see you already
Got a ring
On your finger.

Well, if I outlast,
And if you run past,
The notes you have scripted
As part of your cast,
You can call on MY Name,
I'll be waiting in vain,
Just spinning the time,
RIGHT off of my skein.

Oh Melody,
I'm sewing notes on these strings
Studying the way that
Your Melody brings,
And I don't need a thimble
To ABsorb my pain,
Soon to be the only feeling 
I've left.

Oh, Melody
I saved a last breathe. 
I saved it
Should Your Melody linger.

-Kurtis Lunz

Heard It Straight From the Parrot’s Lips

Shiver me timbers,
Getting loose,
Getting limber,
I ordered 3 chicken planks
from Long John Silver's.
I like the honey mustard,
Hush puppies, and french fries.
I took a sip of Orange soda
Partnered to my food's eyes.
See, fried food is soul.
And soul food is Blue,
And Orange is its compliment;
You know that combo's true.
It was all in good time.
It was all in good measure.
I buried the treasure,
And it brought me great pleasure.
Then, I sailed off and away
On the ocean of tar,
And I was feeling so good
That I yelled out Yarrrrr!

-Kurtis Lunz


‘Twas no mistake,
But it was mine to make.
A sweet one it was.
It took a while to bake:
Yellow layers
Wrapped in frosting,
With Bacon crumbled on Cake.
My mind was deceived
By what it perceived
But the flavor
Cut too deep to be fake.
When it first took my eyes,
I tried to deny it.
I tried to shunt my vision.
My act turned a riot.
Everything fell apart,
But it all fell into place.
How it all came to me,
Like it was all meant to be,
Was my destiny;
Make no mistake.

Kurtis Lunz

Once An Artist

Once an artist,
I remember painting the field
With the ball's movements.
Sometimes the movement
Delivers the message.
Sometimes lack of movement
Is the message.
The opponent,
Acts as the audience,
Chasing the hologram you project
With full conviction;
Quickly realizing,
It is a vision that's gone missing.
The canvas quickly resets
Like an Etch A Sketch,
And each time requires a present vision.
Who is the audience?
Shall I carry?
Shall I conceal?
Shall I send,
Or shall I reveal?
It was a beautiful art scene on this field,
Where every artist paints
With their heart as the brush.
Nobody paints with fear
Worrying how their picture will be seen.
They just dance,
Placing their full love
Into every touch.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Love, Pain and Withdrawal

I'm obsessed to manifest
Some dreams 
Trapped in my head.
I tried to ignore them,
But the fire only spread.
Now it's burning in my eyes;
My eyes, 
Are glowing red.
My fingers are feening
To get strung out once again,
Run up and down the nylons,
Telling stories with no pen.
Pain is swelling in my joints;
Love trapped in withdrawal
Searching for the note
To dissolve it all.
I need to open the flood gates,
And let the love spread.
I burn,
I bleed,
With stale love, and it's poison!
Let me revive my vibe
By sharing my love voicing.

By: Kurtis Lunz

3 Ingredients of Fire

A guy once told me to bend my hat.
He didn't like the way I was wearing it flat.
My style he did not admire.
I guess he thought I was an upstanding guy;
yet, he was scared I was steering awry.
I didn't tell him all about fire.

Well, here's the thing about that hat.
Girls never seemed to notice me before that.
Or at least, I didn't notice them noticing me.
But, when I would wear that hat around
With bill all flat,
Girls would smile,
Some would laugh,
And I'm sure it was because of that hat.
At first I was happy;
Then, I was sad.
But, here's my epiphany
about this hat that I had.
Now, I have their attention,
And I've set their mood right.
That's 2 of 3 ingredients
For a fire to light.
All I need is to just let it breathe.
Bring some fresh air into the scene.
That's the last secret of fire.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Music’s The Unstoppable Power

Music is my lantern.
Sometimes, it seems to be
The only unstoppable force within me.
Yes, the flame does flicker.
Yes, the flame does waver.
Thus, is its nature
To vary and add suspense and some flavor.
But when the rest of me has died,
I hear the music echo
From inside my soul's empty container;
Music is the only remainder.
There's nothing else in there
To absorb or deaden;
So, the music just grows,
Getting brighter and louder.
Flames start catching and spreading,
Soon shooting,
Spitting a shower,
A flame flume flow flower.
Music's the unstoppable power.

By: Kurtis Lunz