Mind Matrix

I felt that I was trapped in a paradox,
And Everything was falling apart
Right into place.
It made so much sense
That my mind was at race.
It was the imperfect perfectness;
Yet, nothing was balanced.
It was fading and gaining,
Confusing, explaining,
Waxing and waning
In the form of a sine wave.
I was dancing the tango,
With the world around me,
But I did not feel
That I was twirling with love.
I felt more like the subject
The world’s whispering of;
An ongoing joke,
Building Fierce with it’s slow flow.
I thought it might all end
If the punchline was evoked.
Naturally, it all just plateaued.
So, I tried to ignore it,
But it knocked on my door;
Now, my mind’s throttle,
Was stamped on the floor.
So, before I imploded
I mentally noted
The only way was to just
Let it Be.


Kurtis Lunz