Take A Moment

Wheels spinning and churning,
Smoke beginning;
‘Turns to burning.
It’s the Yearning,
Always the next second,
The thought dominoes
Are falling too fast
For their cause.
Growing further away
As we think about it all;
They circle their path,
Come across a missing tile,
And grant Pause.


-Kurtis Lunz

Done in the Dark

It was a face on an easel
Covered in oil,
Staring at the people,
A picture of evil.
It had a greasy smirk
And was the bane
Of the owner’s
Vain existence
Staying ever persistent
In it’s effort
To return the resistance.
The pressure, perhaps,
Grew to massive;
The carotid collapsed,
The facade paled,
And Unveiled
What the true brush strokes
Had Painted.


Kurtis Lunz

Define Poetry – #1

Dilemma (n):

A moral
dipole antenna
Catching signals
From two different
Each one being cogent,
The mind becomes tangled,
Listening back and forth,
Hoping and praying
The truth will soon
Louder resound.


Kurtis Lunz

Land of Commerce

Pennsylvania Dutch & A Soft Pretzel,
Twisted, Flipped, & Dipped,
She prepped my Thought Vessel.
Homemade Arnold Palmer,
I can taste the Freshness.
From the pitcher to the palette;
Oh, the flavor quenches.
Johnny thought she liked him
When she gave him extra wedges.
It's America Johnny;
Those were allegiance pledges.
She gives you good service;
She keeps your coming back.
It's not the LAND of FREE,
Remember that.

By: Kurtis Lunz