Blindly Advantaged,
We take our things for granted;
Then, they all vanish.

Couch Potato

I could fall asleep,
Or I could just watch T.V.
Which one will it be?

-Kurtis Lunz

Promises And Prose

Promises and prose;
Unkept, the wording in both.
Still, we continue.

-Kurtis Lunz

Breathe, Praise, Let It Out

The tests never cease.
So, we must stand strong in praise,
And walk on with ease.

Thought Vector

Thought Vector

What’s good protector,
Holder of guava nectar;
Behold, the thought vector

GOYA Guava Nectar
GOYA Guava Nectar

Blazed the Wrong Way

The sidewalk misplaced,
Neighbor grass fades joining blades
The sidewalk replaced.

Kurtis Lunz

Vice Versa

Life To Dissolving
When Blessings turn, Reversing,
Then; curses come First.

Kurtis Lunz

WP Prompt: Vice

True Blues

It was the perfect
Witness; The blind blues player
Called his dobro to the stand.

Kurtis Lunz


What had happened was..

Well you see, I was going…

I like your haircut.


By: Kurtis Lunz



Word Press Daily Prompt: apology