The Orb's in Orbit.
Each round absorbing
That mass ENERGY
That's distorting ProPortIon.
Brighter, more Brilliant,
Boss Status; the Foreman.
This Orb's Transcending the norm:
Storming with Transformation,
Conglomeration, Amalgamation.
Participating in innovation.
Creating space within patience
To ease with vibrations
The steady Uncertainty
That’s restraining Creation.

-By Kurtis Lunz

Habitat of Creation

You can lie gently on top of your bed covers, And hope that you don’t mess them up. Every night you will sleep in fear Worrying about restricting your motions as you sleep, If you sleep. And Every morning, Your success will be simply defined by smoothing your lightly wrinkled sheets. Or, you can throw the sheets off of the bed, Or sleep under them. Every night, not worried about the future, You can roll around free Immersed in your dreams. Every morning, you will wake up with a greater Opportunity for Success. You can create a New bed. Create a habitat of creation.  ...