Not Your Ordinary Solar Eclipse

Lounged back at sunset,
She glided past, the sun’s halo
caressing her hips.

Kurtis Lunz


Blazed the Wrong Way

The sidewalk misplaced,
Neighbor grass fades joining blades
The sidewalk replaced.

Kurtis Lunz

HealthyWage Challenge Day 95

Weight: 154 lbs. Junk food city today. One of these days (and then several days after that) I will have to sacrifice this junk food so that I can loose the last 5 or 6 pounds in this challenge. That made me kind of want to watch the Big Lebowski because I thought of that Sam Elliot saying something like “It’s funny how things have a way of playing their selves out”. Today’s Exercise: 4 mile jog QTY 8 ea. leg – leg stabilization exercises. (I’m working to build a discipline of doing these more. My one foot has pain in the...

Should Your Melody Linger

Oh, Melody!
The remedy supreme,
But I see you already
Got a ring
On your finger.

Well, if I outlast,
And if you run past,
The notes you have scripted
As part of your cast,
You can call on MY Name,
I'll be waiting in vain,
Just spinning the time,
RIGHT off of my skein.

Oh Melody,
I'm sewing notes on these strings
Studying the way that
Your Melody brings,
And I don't need a thimble
To ABsorb my pain,
Soon to be the only feeling 
I've left.

Oh, Melody
I saved a last breathe. 
I saved it
Should Your Melody linger.

-Kurtis Lunz

HealthyWage Challenge Day 94

Weight: 151.8 lbs. Here’s a picture of the stuff on which I am hooked. I usually get one of this flavor and one of the Revel Berry. I just imagine a commercial with a guy taking a sip and saying, “It’s enlightening!…and…minty.” Honestly though, it does have a pretty good taste, and by power of self fulfilling prophecy (I guess), I usually do feel like my mind is a little more fluent. I even came up with this little reggae melody after drinking this stuff. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kurtis Lunz (@kurtislunz)      ...

Heard It Straight From the Parrot’s Lips

Shiver me timbers,
Getting loose,
Getting limber,
I ordered 3 chicken planks
from Long John Silver's.
I like the honey mustard,
Hush puppies, and french fries.
I took a sip of Orange soda
Partnered to my food's eyes.
See, fried food is soul.
And soul food is Blue,
And Orange is its compliment;
You know that combo's true.
It was all in good time.
It was all in good measure.
I buried the treasure,
And it brought me great pleasure.
Then, I sailed off and away
On the ocean of tar,
And I was feeling so good
That I yelled out Yarrrrr!

-Kurtis Lunz

HealthyWage Challenge Day 93

Weight: 152.8 lbs.   Today’s Exercise: 2 mile walk QTY 8 ea. leg – leg stabilization exercises. (I’m working to build a discipline of doing these more. My one foot has pain in the arch which is why I walked today instead of running, but I think these will help strengthen my feet. It take a lot of the muscles in the feet in addition to a bunch of other little muscles to keep balance while doing these) QTY 10 ea. of QTY 40 ea. push-ups QTY 1 ea. of the Anderson Ab workout. You can check out the post from Day 2 if you aren’t...