My Mind flexed
To overcome
Its vexation.
What effort was made?
Squeezed lemons no aide,
And I have bitter taste
From the whole situation.

Kurtis Lunz

Gradient Waves

Radical nightmares,
Radiant premonitions,
Eerily, it unfolded
To verify my suspicions.
What you believe,
The present comes to follow.
Let your waves wash in
Aloha and Mahalo.

Island of Style

Zagga Zagga Zing
Zagga Zow!
Don’t Ask Why,
Just Ask How
I arrived at this
Island of Style.
The Answer,
Plain and Simple,
I crashed a flying cymbal
Into a desolate island
That’s smack dab in the middle
Of the main land mass,
Where ordinary amass,
But alone in my zone,
I hold a Peter Pan thimble.
I’m not sure if I’m solving,
Or just writing a riddle.

Kurtis Lunz

Breath of Fresh Air

I ran 13 miles just to
Cleanse the mind
Of all the bad vibes
That had
Built up over time.
You can call it a recharge,
A renew,
Or some such,
But the fresh air
Always loves ya
When noone else does too much.
Take a deep breath
Fill yourself up
With love.

-Kurtis Lunz

Don The Pearls

The sand which
Passes through
The hour glass of time
Cuts a line in the mind,
Chaffing it down
Into its own molecules,
Applying the pressure
To refine into jewels.
Don the pearls of Earl;
Don the pearls of
Sand which

Kurtis Lunz

Wave of Time

Wading and waiting,
Hoping and praying;
Then, she comes.
You paddle brave
Aiming to catch the crest
Of time’s wave,
As she grows with elegance
You settle into
Her soft embrace.
Letting go,
She fades.

Kurtis Lunz


Home Alone

Gentle were her eyes,
But her smile had a twinkle
Just like Harry Lime.

Kurtis Lunz

Planting of A Seed.

Plop the crop
 Back inside of the ground.
 Thud sound.
 Cover it up
 With a slight dirt mound.
 Water it.
 Watch it recede into a seed.
 It spits the water at the sky;
 Then, it's beaming with seedlight
 'Til it's night.
 Then, it jumps out of the ground
 landing back in the hand, right?
 Inducing vomiting,
 It quickly regrows its skin,
 Slips your grip,
 Attaches itself
 Back onto the stem.
 Then it withers
 Right back into
 A seed again.

-Kurtis Lunz


This poem was inspired by Nas’ song “Rewind”

Sweet Morning

coffee and cake
coffee and cake

Coffee and Cake,
The Breakfast of Champions,
Brightens the mood
With the light that is ambient.
The bitter and sweet,
The cold with the heat,
I took my cream in iced cake form,
My coffee was neat.


Kurtis Lunz

Not Your Ordinary Solar Eclipse

Lounged back at sunset,
She glided past, the sun’s halo
caressing her hips.

Kurtis Lunz