Thanksgiving Time

So real,
Are the ways we feel
About the things
For which
We are thankful.
If the tryptophan
Doesn’t wear you out,
Try counting
The ways
You are Grateful.

-Kurtis Lunz

A Blue ReArrangement

Spiced Apples
And Blue Spruce Candles
Light the mantle
While Alice Coltrane
Brings the Harp Strings Handles
“Turiya And Ramakrishna”,
Massaging, rearranging,
And Freeing
The Tensions
From the body’s sinew,
The deep muscle tissue;
All the while,
My mind sings
The John Lee Hooker lyrics
“Blues a healer, All over the world.”

Kurtis Lunz

Take A Moment

Wheels spinning and churning,
Smoke beginning;
‘Turns to burning.
It’s the Yearning,
Always the next second,
The thought dominoes
Are falling too fast
For their cause.
Growing further away
As we think about it all;
They circle their path,
Come across a missing tile,
And grant Pause.


-Kurtis Lunz

Pickled Artichoke

Flow is broke,
Flavor revoked,
Choking on
Artificial flavoring.
Manufactured behavior
Leads to
Thought provoked.
The natural taste
Is worth more savoring.


Kurtis Lunz

“If We Utilize the Plus as a Union”

As a separation,
MillionsĀ seem exaggerated,
But as an amalgamation,
A million’s still One.

Short Poem Inspired by Eddie Griffin

Easy Does It

A candle lit
As a sign of hope,
A gentle reminder
To help one cope;
One swift wind
Could bring back doubt,
But for now we Burn

Kurtis Lunz

I Don’t Think I’m Doing This Right

Spilled all over it’s canvas;
I’m clumsy with words.

-Kurtis Lunz

Promises And Prose

Promises and prose;
Unkept, the wording in both.
Still, we continue.

-Kurtis Lunz

Growing Graceful

Beauty to a Rose.
A rose,
Arose to Beauty.
Beauty too Arose
When the rose
Arose to Beauty.
Soon to be pruned
At its peak
Like high noon,
Is it wasteful?
…A vase full of graceful?

-Kurtis Lunz

Breathe, Praise, Let It Out

The tests never cease.
So, we must stand strong in praise,
And walk on with ease.