Get Loose

I tell them a joke,
But they don't wanna laugh.
They brace themselves
And prepare to hold back.
Then, at the end,
They get kind of mad
Like, "is that really
The best joke that you had?!"
I tell them a story,
And they think it's a joke.
They say, "I don't get it."
I say "it's an anecdote.
There's no punchline.
It's just something that happened.
I found it amusing;
So, I thought I'd recap it."
Being too critical doesn't brighten the mood;
So, the moral is
Lighten up and get loose.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Poetically Practicing Praise

This poem is my praise,
A practice of the way
Of manifesting the blessings
That I was given today.

Thanks for these fingers.
Thank you for this pen.
Thank you for the flow
Going from stem to stem.

Thanks for what I've squandered.
Thanks for what I've lost.
Still, you hear me ask for more.
Thank you for these balls.

This thank you is small
Compared to my blessings today;
I hope that you'll still receive
My thank you anyway.

-Kurtis Lunz

3 Ingredients of Fire

A guy once told me to bend my hat.
He didn't like the way I was wearing it flat.
My style he did not admire.
I guess he thought I was an upstanding guy;
yet, he was scared I was steering awry.
I didn't tell him all about fire.

Well, here's the thing about that hat.
Girls never seemed to notice me before that.
Or at least, I didn't notice them noticing me.
But, when I would wear that hat around
With bill all flat,
Girls would smile,
Some would laugh,
And I'm sure it was because of that hat.
At first I was happy;
Then, I was sad.
But, here's my epiphany
about this hat that I had.
Now, I have their attention,
And I've set their mood right.
That's 2 of 3 ingredients
For a fire to light.
All I need is to just let it breathe.
Bring some fresh air into the scene.
That's the last secret of fire.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Wishing I Was Free

I heard the wind tell a whisper
About me again.
I heard the ocean answer back,
Said I was "wishing, wishing",
Wishing I was free,
Oh!, like the wind,
Wishing I was free just like the wind.

How do they know me?!
They can't see me in my home!
How do they know me?
'Guess they see I'm all alone.
Oh, I'm trapped up in my mind.
You can see it in my eyes;
But mostly,
You can feel in my vibes.

I heard a bullfrog laughing at me
As I was walking by,
And clouds are writing messages
About me in the sky.
I wish I had some wings
So I could fly away;
Fly away, and leave my pain behind.

How do they know me?!
They can't see me in my home!
How do they know me?
'Guess they see I'm all alone.
Oh, I'm trapped up in my mind
You can see it in my eyes
But mostly,
You can feel in my vibes.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Rhyme Praise

Rhyme Prisoner.
Tryna find my way 
Outside the bars of average listeners.
The Christener:
Spitting Baptismal Water like ministers.
Rolling the rock away that's been sitting there.
I've been sitting there getting stale,
Feeling ill while I'm getting more frail,
Losing my chill, turning more pale.
I lost my way.
I lost my will.
But, I pray to the Lord,
So to give me The Light.
He gives me The Will.
He gives me The Might.
Each step in his Way,
I'm feeling Alright.
I Thank the Lord Every day
He shows me his Light.

What’s the point of that fence?

I was thinking about fence (the word fence). That thought process progressed into chain link fence. Then, I imagined that British lady from the TV show “The Weakest Link” saying “You ARE!!! the Weakest Link. Good bye.” Then, I thought “white picket fence”. I imagined a fence just along the front of the yard with the other sides unbound. What would be the point of that, I thought. I could just walk around. It’s not even aesthetically pleasing because I would spend too much time wondering where the rest of the sides are. I thought the only purpose of a...

Flow is Harmony

Abandon understanding.
Or abandon the standing,
For an Active Understanding.
The Act of Understanding
Is fusing Thought-with-Action,
Releasing your knowledge into your muscular faction,
Transcending into the molecular satisfaction,
The sweet sensational flow,
The copacetic reaction,
That is only achieved
Through Harmonics of Thought and Action.

-By Kurtis Lunz


The Orb's in Orbit.
Each round absorbing
That mass ENERGY
That's distorting ProPortIon.
Brighter, more Brilliant,
Boss Status; the Foreman.
This Orb's Transcending the norm:
Storming with Transformation,
Conglomeration, Amalgamation.
Participating in innovation.
Creating space within patience
To ease with vibrations
The steady Uncertainty
That’s restraining Creation.

-By Kurtis Lunz

Satyagraha, Bitches!

I was thinking that this coming year I may embrace the words that one of my friends once spoke…”Satyagraha, Bitches!” I’m not sure what he meant by it, but I was pretty certain it was his take on Mahatma Ghandi’s policy. Wikipedia seems to define the term satyagraha as translating to something like insistence on truth. I think it is also defined to be a policy of non-violent resistance. To me, satyagraha has the meaning of soul force. Ultimately, only you can dictate your happiness. You can choose who you allow to have persuasion on your happiness. If you maintain...