Gradient Waves

Radical nightmares,
Radiant premonitions,
Eerily, it unfolded
To verify my suspicions.
What you believe,
The present comes to follow.
Let your waves wash in
Aloha and Mahalo.

Island of Style

Zagga Zagga Zing
Zagga Zow!
Don’t Ask Why,
Just Ask How
I arrived at this
Island of Style.
The Answer,
Plain and Simple,
I crashed a flying cymbal
Into a desolate island
That’s smack dab in the middle
Of the main land mass,
Where ordinary amass,
But alone in my zone,
I hold a Peter Pan thimble.
I’m not sure if I’m solving,
Or just writing a riddle.

Kurtis Lunz

Don The Pearls

The sand which
Passes through
The hour glass of time
Cuts a line in the mind,
Chaffing it down
Into its own molecules,
Applying the pressure
To refine into jewels.
Don the pearls of Earl;
Don the pearls of
Sand which

Kurtis Lunz

Free Spin

Exoskeloton skills
Flowing like gelatin
Moving in ways
Supreme to intelligence.
The movement’s solution
Was neither solid nor juice
More like a Slurpee vortexing
Out of a chute.
The flavor, the color,
All there.
She was an expert,
And I was no debonair.
But she whirled past my way.
I got caught in her eye.
It was all spinning wildly,
But peaceful at the same time.


-Kurtis Lunz


‘Twas no mistake,
But it was mine to make.
A sweet one it was.
It took a while to bake:
Yellow layers
Wrapped in frosting,
With Bacon crumbled on Cake.
My mind was deceived
By what it perceived
But the flavor
Cut too deep to be fake.
When it first took my eyes,
I tried to deny it.
I tried to shunt my vision.
My act turned a riot.
Everything fell apart,
But it all fell into place.
How it all came to me,
Like it was all meant to be,
Was my destiny;
Make no mistake.

Kurtis Lunz

Land of Commerce

Pennsylvania Dutch & A Soft Pretzel,
Twisted, Flipped, & Dipped,
She prepped my Thought Vessel.
Homemade Arnold Palmer,
I can taste the Freshness.
From the pitcher to the palette;
Oh, the flavor quenches.
Johnny thought she liked him
When she gave him extra wedges.
It's America Johnny;
Those were allegiance pledges.
She gives you good service;
She keeps your coming back.
It's not the LAND of FREE,
Remember that.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Spill Easy

Spill easy,
Steady flow over the edge,
Without any panic,
And no fear of damage,
Like a waterfall, 
Off the top shelf
With the lavish
Sensuous crashing;
Then, continuing on
As if nothing happened.
Spill easy,
Don't hesitate
And get caught on the lip.
Tangled and twisted,
Eroded, afflicted 
With the stale beat,
Washed over 
In slow defeat.
Spill easy.

By: Kurtis Lunz

Love, Pain and Withdrawal

I'm obsessed to manifest
Some dreams 
Trapped in my head.
I tried to ignore them,
But the fire only spread.
Now it's burning in my eyes;
My eyes, 
Are glowing red.
My fingers are feening
To get strung out once again,
Run up and down the nylons,
Telling stories with no pen.
Pain is swelling in my joints;
Love trapped in withdrawal
Searching for the note
To dissolve it all.
I need to open the flood gates,
And let the love spread.
I burn,
I bleed,
With stale love, and it's poison!
Let me revive my vibe
By sharing my love voicing.

By: Kurtis Lunz