Sweet Morning

coffee and cake
coffee and cake

Coffee and Cake,
The Breakfast of Champions,
Brightens the mood
With the light that is ambient.
The bitter and sweet,
The cold with the heat,
I took my cream in iced cake form,
My coffee was neat.


Kurtis Lunz

4 thoughts on “Sweet Morning

  1. domestic diva

    Hope you are enjoying a cake breakfast..had the same as well this morning..nothing quiet like it .. 🙂

    1. Kurtis Lunz

      Nice. That was a throw back picture for me, but I remember be very pleased about that breakfast.

    1. Kurtis Lunz

      Like I heard Snoop Dogg say one time, “If it feels good to you, it must be good for you.” There’s also that expression, “What’s good for the soul’s good for the body.”

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