HealthyWage Challenge Day 95

Weight: 154 lbs.

Junk food city today. One of these days (and then several days after that) I will have to sacrifice this junk food so that I can loose the last 5 or 6 pounds in this challenge. That made me kind of want to watch the Big Lebowski because I thought of that Sam Elliot saying something like “It’s funny how things have a way of playing their selves out”.

Today’s Exercise:

  • 4 mile jog
  • QTY 8 ea. leg – leg stabilization exercises. (I’m working to build a discipline of doing these more. My one foot has pain in the arch which is why I walked today instead of running, but I think these will help strengthen my feet. It take a lot of the muscles in the feet in addition to a bunch of other little muscles to keep balance while doing these)
  • QTY 9 ea. of QTY 40 ea. push-ups
  • QTY 1 ea. of the Anderson Ab workout. You can check out the post from Day 2 if you aren’t familiar with it.


  • “Oats & more with almonds” cereal with whole milk and blackberries
  • A glass of whole milk
  • 2 cups of  black coffee


  • Chic-fil-a 12 pc. nuggets and waffle fries with Polynesian sauce and chic-fil-a sauce
  • Sweet tea & a refill


  • 2 slices of Brooklyn from Flippn’ Pizza
  • 1 and a half sodas (I got a cherry vanilla coke at first; I drank it half way and filled it with lemon coke. It tasted kind of like key lime pie)

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