Should Your Melody Linger

Oh, Melody!
The remedy supreme,
But I see you already
Got a ring
On your finger.

Well, if I outlast,
And if you run past,
The notes you have scripted
As part of your cast,
You can call on MY Name,
I'll be waiting in vain,
Just spinning the time,
RIGHT off of my skein.

Oh Melody,
I'm sewing notes on these strings
Studying the way that
Your Melody brings,
And I don't need a thimble
To ABsorb my pain,
Soon to be the only feeling 
I've left.

Oh, Melody
I saved a last breathe. 
I saved it
Should Your Melody linger.

-Kurtis Lunz

2 thoughts on “Should Your Melody Linger

  1. “I’m sewing notes on these strings.” What a great line!

    1. Kurtis Lunz

      Cool! Thank you for all of your support and compliments Sheryl.

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