HealthyWage Challenge Day 4

Weight: 162.2

Well, the easy weight has already fallen off I guess. Today, I just maintained at 162.2 lbs for a total weight loss of 3.2 lbs to date.  I ran my 4 mile route today, and I did the Anderson ab work again. That ab workout was prescribed every day for me when I was first introduced to it. In fact, I think it was prescribed twice a day; however, I am going to ease into that.

Join me in the HealthyWager! This challenge lets you make a personal weight loss bet. You can experiment with different bets and prizes – just plug in your goal, time frame and the amount of cash you’re willing to put on the line. Plus, sign up with the link below and get an additional $40 added on to your prize, but only if you sign up before 11:59 PM Eastern on 2016-07-30 ! You’ve got nothing to lose!

The HealthyWager is based on academic research that suggests that double-incentivization, games and prizes increase your odds of weight loss success.


  • 4 mile run
  • Anderson Ab Workout:
    • QTY 25 ea. crunches
    • QTY 25 ea. toe touches (place feet straight in the air; then, reach up and touch your toes)
    • QTY 25 ea. leg lifts (keep your legs straight; then, lower you feet to 6 inches off the ground and raise your feet back to perpendicular)
    • QTY 30 ea. scissors (hold feet 6 inches off of the ground, spread your legs, cross your legs, repeat switching which foot goes on top)
      • (I did 5 extra scissors today)
    • QTY 25 ea. elbow to knee (cross one foot over opposite knee; then, place opposite hand behind head and touch that elbow to your opposite knee)
    • QTY 25 ea. elbow to knee for your other side



  • 1 Bowl of Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares with Strawberries and Milk (I switched from blackberries to strawberries to day)
  • 1 Glass of milk
  • 2 Cups of Black Coffee


  • A bowl of Tuna Coleslaw salad (extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar based; no mayo)
  • Some cut up cantelope
  • Drank Water


  • A bacon and pork burger
  • A plated of raw veggies (broccoli, celery, sweet peppers, and baby carrots)
  • Drank Water
  • (I think I might have a cup of unsweetened green tea later)
  • One large Mac’s Lounge Iced Coffee with Cream and sugar. I asked for it black, and they gave me a hot coffee.
    • Then, I said I wanted a iced coffee and they put cream and sugar in it. So, I left well enough alone.

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