Who’s Your Daddy? 1 Of X

This post is about my musical inspiration (my “Who’s Your Daddy” list). There will be more to posts come like this, and I eventually plan to compile a list, but for now I’ll start out with individual posts. In this post I have to send some love to Carlos Santana. I got this “Who’s Your Daddy” list idea from him in his autobiography. He said in blues music everyone has a “Who’s Your Daddy” list; it’s your list of artists that inspire you and consequently contribute to the development of your own style. I’m not sure that I like every Santana song, but there are a good number of them that just have a certain flavor that hits for me.

So, I read his autobiography thinking maybe I can gain some insight on how to improve my musical abilities. I think he definitely provides some good advice for improving your music; however, he also provided a lot of life advice and general inspiration that I wasn’t expecting to receive. I really identified with a lot of the stuff that he was saying.

One thing that I remembered this morning was when Miles Davis would ask Santana what he was up to Santana would usually say, “just learning and having fun”. I think that’s a great answer. It says to me stay light, stay humble, don’t believe that you are ever done learning, but enjoy the process of learning.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs that features some of Santana’s guitar playing:

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