HealthyWage Challenge Day 82

Weight 153  lbs

I forgot to post yesterday’s stuff, but I think I ran 10 miles. I ate the normal type of thing for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner I pigged out at a cookout (2 cheeseburgers, a hot dog, potato chips, macaroni salad, 3 Beers, and 2 sodas, “Dirt” the dessert, a caramel brownie, and a regular brownie).

I ran 13 miles today. It was a pretty nice run my legs were starting to hurt, but it wasn’t too hot, and I felt like it kind of helped my mental state a bit also. I saw this old guy that was probably somebody’s grampa running. He never had two feet in the air at the same time. In fact, I don’t think he ever had one foot in the air. It looked like he was doing the forward version of the moonwalk. However, it was uplifting to see him out there still running at that age, and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the run for the most part.

Yesterday’s Exercise 

  • 13 mile jog
  • QTY 1 ea. of the Anderson Ab workout. You can check out the post from Day 2 if you aren’t familiar with it.


  • “Oats & more with almonds” cereal with milk and blueberries
  • 1 Glass of whole milk
  • 1 large black coffee from McDonald’s


  • 1 piece of fried cod with vinegar
  • A side of fried okra with BBQ Sauce
  • water

Post Workout:

  • Half of a water melon

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