HealthyWage Challenge Day 3

Weight: 162.2

The easy progress has continued for me into Day 3. I am now down to 162.2 lbs for a total weight loss of 3.2 lbs to date. Again, I was somewhat surprised that I weighed less this morning; I lost even more weight than the day before. Today, I added some push-ups into my exercise and scaled back my run.

Join me in the HealthyWager! This challenge lets you make a personal weight loss bet. You can experiment with different bets and prizes – just plug in your goal, time frame and the amount of cash you’re willing to put on the line. Plus, sign up with the link below and get an additional $40 added on to your prize, but only if you sign up before 11:59 PM Eastern on 2016-07-30 ! You’ve got nothing to lose!

The HealthyWager is based on academic research that suggests that double-incentivization, games and prizes increase your odds of weight loss success.


  • QTY 40 ea. Push-ups
  • Anderson Ab Workout:
    • QTY 25 ea. crunches
    • QTY 25 ea. toe touches (place feet straight in the air; then, reach up and touch your toes)
    • QTY 25 ea. leg lifts (keep your legs straight; then, lower you feet to 6 inches off the ground and raise your feet back to perpendicular)
    • QTY 25 ea. scissors (hold feet 6 inches off of the ground, spread your legs, cross your legs, repeat switching which foot goes on top)
    • QTY 25 ea. elbow to knee (cross one foot over opposite knee; then, place opposite hand behind head and touch that elbow to your opposite knee)
    • QTY 25 ea. elbow to knee for your other side
  • 20 Minute Run (will count this as 2.5 miles) Similar route as yesterday but without the add-on needle hole portion.
  • QTY 40 ea. Push-ups
  • QTY 40 ea. Boxing Crunches (I’m gonna call them boxing crunches). You lie on your back with your finger tips lightly behind your ears. Then you slowly lift your upper body off the ground. When you reach the up position, you explosively twist to the left and then to the right. Then, you slowly lower your back to the ground. The next time up you switch the order that you twist.



  • 1 Bowl of Quaker Maple Oatmeal Squares with Black Raspberries and Milk
  • 1 Glass of milk
  • 2 Cups of Black Coffee


  • A plate of the rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce (I go heavy on the sauce)
  • Drank Water


  • A bowl of Tuna Coleslaw salad (extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar based; no mayo)
  • A handful of strawberries
  • Some cut up cantelope
  • Drank Water

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