#TBT – Throw Back Thursday – Ukulele Catfish Blues


Here’s another Throw Back Thursday post for you. This is an old video of me playing “Catfish Blues” on the Ukulele. This is the Oscar Schmidt pineapple ukulele that I used to own. I sold that one, and bought a Pono tenor ukulele. Anyway, I learned this song by watching videos of Corey Harris play it on guitar and trying to transpose it to the ukulele. I knew next to nothing about music theory at that time; so, that was a pretty painstaking process. I still don’t know a whole lot about music theory, but I’m start to pick up little pieces of the puzzle as I continue to play.

3 thoughts on “#TBT – Throw Back Thursday – Ukulele Catfish Blues

  1. Mia

    Kurtis, I really like this, terrific! ~ Mia

    1. Kurtis Lunz

      Mia, thank you very much! It was funny, I have a google alert set up for “acoustic”, and the day after we were talking about Jack White, his name popped up on it saying that he is releasing an acoustic recordings album.

      1. Mia

        Kurtis, you’re welcome. It’s funny how that happens. Thank you for letting me know, I believe Jack is pressing all of his own vinyls. How cool is that? Please enjoy your Sunday!

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