#TBT – Throw back Thursday – Dirty Heads – Stand Tall Cover

Another Throw Back Thursday; so, that means it’s time for me to share another one of my old ukulele videos.  This is my most viewed YouTube video, and it is a cover of the Dirty Heads’ “Stand Tall” song. However, it is more like a cover of a cover because I was trying to mimic more of the style of The Skains’ cover version of the song. At any rate, I can look back at this with amusement. My tempo seems a bit fast, at times it seems like I’m performing a bad impersonation of Christopher Walken; also, I develop Sudden Onset Accent Syndrome during the “rap” portion of the song. I guess the bottom line is the video does possess some entertainment value, but it is mainly for all of the wrong reasons. I like to believe that I have progress a bit since this video. I hope that in a few years I can look back at my performances of today and, once again, laugh and smile at how much difference a few years of practice (with the continued blessing from God) can make. I hope you got a smile out of this.



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