The Movement’s – “Set Sail” Ukulele Cover

Here’s my rendition of The Movement’s “Set Sail” on ukulele. I did some picking for the piano part. For the rest of the song, the chords are G, D, Am, and C. The piano part, basically, is a walk down and back up on the G major scale. Mainly, you play 3 notes on the scale; then, step back one note and play the next 3 notes on the scale. When you get to the top of the scale, you reverse it. There are a couple of other little nuances, but if you play around with the notes on the G scale; then, you can figure them out pretty quickly. I hope you leave a comment if you like it, or subscribe to this website and/or my YouTube Channel. If you have any more questions about how to play the song, leave a comment. I’ll try to help you out.

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