Acoustic Ukulele Blues – Inspired by Billy Gibbons

This is some ukulele blues inspired mainly by this ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock – Guitar Moves – Episode 12 video. Coincidentally, I watched this Guitar Moves with Keith Richards: “There’s Two Sides to Every Story” interview the same day, and he was playing and talking about the same Jimmy Reed lick. I haven’t listened to much Jimmy Reed yet; so, the lick reminded me of John Lee Hooker. At any rate, here’s my take on it. They play it in E, but I think I’m playing in the key of D. However, in my mind I see it like G minor because I use the g minor shape (without the index finger) and I slide it around to play most of the lick. Then, I play half of the g minor scale (using the minor scale shape) to color in the rest of the picture. I do a little outside inside picking pattern that I learned from Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel at ArtistWorks to add a little more of the walking rhythm feel after that first slide. I hope you like it. If you do, maybe you’ll subscribe to my YouTube and/or this website.

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Ukulele Blues – Inspired by Billy Gibbons

  1. pytania rozmowa kwalifikacyjna


    thank You for your post.
    I have just shared on my facebook.
    What do You think about Pogba? Should he go to Manchester United or Real Madryd?


    1. Kurtis Lunz

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t care which one he goes to as long as he pours all of his heart into playing.

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