Satyagraha, Bitches!

I was thinking that this coming year I may embrace the words that one of my friends once spoke…”Satyagraha, Bitches!” I’m not sure what he meant by it, but I was pretty certain it was his take on Mahatma Ghandi’s policy. Wikipedia seems to define the term satyagraha as translating to something like insistence on truth. I think it is also defined to be a policy of non-violent resistance. To me, satyagraha has the meaning of soul force. Ultimately, only you can dictate your happiness. You can choose who you allow to have persuasion on your happiness. If you maintain your strength of spirit, others can’t break down your happiness.

Also, Satyagraha reminds me of some of my other friends’ mantra which was “Be the Truth not the Lie, Craig!”

I always thought that was funny. I’m not sure I ever believed that they really lived it, and I don’t believe that I thought I was capable of living it. However, now I think I have realized something great about embracing that phrase. If you choose to be the Truth; then, you don’t have to build. Building and maintaining seem to be exercises related to being the Lie. The Truth is already existent. I believe that in order to Be the Truth, you only have to let go of your lies; then, have Trust in all that is left within you.

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