Ganja Farmer – My First Ever Song on Ukulele

Video of Me Picking Some Ganja Farmer on Ukulele Today.

I wanted to make a post to commemorate when I first began playing ukulele. I was making a Facebook Game; It was called Hula Hoopla. You had to use arrow keys to keep a hula hoop going around your stick figure’s waist, and there were other surprises thrown at you. Anyway, that game doesn’t exist anymore, and the dream of being a Facebook developer dwindled. However, while I was searching for some background music for the game, or some inspiration for music (by typing hula hoopla into YouTube), I came across a guy playing a cover of J Boog’s version of Ganja Farmer on his ukulele.  I thought the song was awesome, and I started listening to J Boog’s music. As time went on, I kept thinking how awesome it must be to play your favorite jams on an instrument as way to chill out relieve some stress and have a good time.

So, I made the leap and bought an 89 dollar Oscar Schmidt pineapple concert ukulele, a tuner, a couple beginner’s pamphlets and set the goal of learning how to play Ganja Farmer on my new ukulele. I can’t find that guy’s cover anymore, but big MAHALO to that him.

Ganja Farmer on Ukulele Cover From 4 Years Ago

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