Melting Pot Dub

can I kick a lil rhyme
arbitrary design
no other real reason but to pass the time
can I spit a lil game
to the girly with the behind
no I can’t speak my mind
cuz I might get
can I kick a lil rhyme
I’m diseased like with lime
parasites on my mind
got my head aching
can I chop a lil shop
with my nephews and nieces
Halloween be coming
go collect Reese’s Pieces

can I kick a lil rhyme
I done did my time
better here and now
go repent and then cease it
can I tell a lil truth
to unfortunate youth
you see Jesus on the water
have faith don’t get sea sick
can I kick a lil rhyme
words acquired through time
verbalizing orally
the medicinal weed lit
Can I sell a point of view
to a person or two
give my two cents worth
heads up we converging

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