“Head Over Heels” Boom Bap Rap

I’m gone
I’ve fallen head over heels for you girl
What more can I tell you
Let our love unfurl
How can I screen our bond from my other fellow men
I know they’re knocking at your door
I plead you do not let em in
Girl we got to invest ourselves into this piece
like a puzzle taking form just a portion is a tease
Girl you light my fire
Got me burning like some grease
So you can not put me out
like on the corner just to freeze

Girl why don’t we paint ourselves a picture with our love
they say a picture it last longer
think our picture is a dove
pure white and so free
you can hold it or let it flee
But girl if you let flee
Believe it will fly right back to me
I’m gone
Head over heels for you girl
Like Kevin in Home Alone
I think I’ll give this love a whirl
I’m gone
Head over heels for you girl
Our love is like the beach
cuz I’m your oyster your my pearl

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