“I’m The Only One” boom bap rap Ft. Adele

I’m the only one that’s still in love
learned mercy from Jesus so I can’t give up
How many times must I forgive you
70 times 7 to the seventy-two
This generation seems to lost its love
With a focus on skin
instead a fear of above
I’m talking Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit
Loves learned from the Word
If you listen you’ll hear it
I’m the only one that’s still in love
your abandonment complex looks to me like a dove
one that’s pure and steady and ready for flight
But I’m asking you
Can you stay one night?
let me ask you to be my carrier pigeon
One that comes back to me with the message and vision
You’ll always come back like the prodigal son
I only pray you learned love when you went on the run

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