How much time has elapsed since my nap
I took a rest on Sabbath now I’m right back at it
need to re-up cleanse my sins like a crab
taste that mustard in it that’s that Faith infinite
Got a little bit a Faith
And it goes a long way
Like in all that I do
Know I constantly pray
And why would I pray unless I had a belief
need to let go, trust God, and send up your grief
pray in the good times
and pray in the bad
pray when I’m happy
repent when I’m mad
praise God on your journey
For strength on your mission
Let God be your eyes
give you 20/10 vision
Don’t let life elapse
without sending your praise
when you give thanks it turn bad into good days
Don’t let life elapse ya while your taking your nap
know the Bride groom coming
go and trim your lamp

Don’t let the time, let the time elapse ya
Got to be ready
Got to await the rapture
Don’t let the time, let the time elapse ya
Don’t let the time
Don’t let the time

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