“Sweet Tea” Gospel Boom Bap Rap

I’m not elite
I’m just shuffling feet
peel myself of the sofa just for something to eat
do I do it for the likes
or for God my Deity
I want to wake up your Faith
like a sip of sweet tea
sweetness lingers on lips
like a kiss from Jesus
caffeine wakens the mind
to the Son that frees us
carry your cross
with the Word that feeds us
take the body and blood
eternity don’t need us
join as one trinity and the church
broke his arms and legs
but hard hearts are what hurts
like he who don’t accept eternal salvation
one love one life

only takes one person now to testify
maybe reach one person who is next to die
bury their sin in a tomb with Jesus
raise again in 3 days
it’s a spiritual cleanness

Sweet Sweet Sweet Tea
Take a sip of eternity
Sweet sweet sweet Tea
Time to wake up
Time to wake up

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